Weston Cemetery


Founded 1871

Location T4N R35E 22S
Compiled by:
Garland Wilson of Milton-Freewater, Oregon published 1984

We are extremely grateful to Garland Wilson for granting permission to us to post this information on the Internet. (First published on ALHN Umatilla County site and then transferred to A Place Called Oregon and now posted on this site.) Garland painstakingly typed this information on his typewriter. He started the project long before personal computers and felt that his typewriter worked just fine so there was no need to move to a computer. Some information was gleaned from area newspapers and death certificates and this information was added to the index. Some burials may appear to have been in Weston but no documentation was available to verify this. Garland indexed area cemeteries and his complete index is available at local libraries or potentially at used book stores if one is lucky enough to find one. The Cemetery Section shows the location of each burial and is keyed to the plat map which was used as a guide as inscriptions were copied. Each section listed shows row numbers with the number of rows in each section. All rows and Sections copied North to South. Burials listed each row as inscriptions were copied. Many unknown burials were found and several with no dates. A list of names not found in our survey which appeared in other sources are added following the index. 

Please Note:Since 1998 information on the rows is not available. Roads and identifying marks are added to aid in location areas in the cemetery and on the plat map. A rendition of the map has been included to assist viewers to locate gravesites. Garland noted if someone was a Veteran in his index A U.S. Flag was added to honor each of the Veterans. If there are Veterans not noted as such in the index, please contact us with the name and military service information. We would be pleased to add this information. While Garland had separate sections (alpha index and row-by-row index), I have combined the two sections in one to include location info, DOB, DOD, etc. Garland also compiled information from local newspapers and information from death certificates and included this information in his index. I will not be posting this information online at this point to allow time to post other cemetery indexes and newspaper indexes. Again, we wish to thank Garland Wilson for allowing his work to be posted to the Internet!  Please do not post or publish these indexes to other websites or publications.  Thank you!

Index to Weston Cemetery

The Alphabetical Index was updated September 9, 2011.  This covers burials through April 2011. Some information was not available for the updated information (1998-Current) like it was in Garland Wilson’s index. Row numbers were not listed, if burials were husband and wife and shared headstone has not been noted. and Veteran status is not known. When updated information becomes available it will be noted here. If you have information or corrections to the information listed here please send it via email to [email protected] or fax to 888-269-8775.  We would especially appreciating knowing if anyone is a Veteran so that we can update that information and honor that person with a U.S. Flag. Updating will not include additions to the Sections (Masonic, IOOF, etc. as we do not have sufficient information to update these indexes since they were done by rows.

Weston Cemetery Map      Index A-B      Index C-F     Index G-H     Index I-L

Index M-N      Index O-P     Index Q-S     Index T-Z

Please Note: These indexes have not been updated: Masonic Section A-B-C

IOOF Section D-F      IOOF Section G-I     Weston Old City NW Add SW Add


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